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UKey lawyers provide full range of services related to labor law issues: from the system tasks such as development and issue of local acts of an organization to the one-point issues including preparation of individual labor contracts and representation of employer in individual labor conflicts. Building of efficient relationship with the staff based on strict adherence to the laws is a key to success for any organization.

Our team has extensive experience in labor law which is based on our knowledge and continuous proficiency enhancement. Our major advantages are attention to details and ability to foresee the risks and suggest legal mechanisms that allow attaining business targets in the most efficient ways.   

The experience shows that the labor law issues are closely connected with such fields as protection of confidential information, corporate control of governing body activities and laws on migration. Such system approach to resolution of customers’ issues allows us to obtain the desired results. 


  • Due diligence of documents to check for compliance with labor and migration laws, identification of employer’s risks and development of recommendations on their elimination.
  • Development of any kinds of employer’s local normative acts.
  • Development of any types of labor contracts including contracts with top managers and amendments to labor contracts.
  • Development of effective solutions related to employment termination, minimization of employer’s risks, preparation of employment termination documents.
  • Preparation of necessary documents and support of employer in foreign personnel involvement issues (receiving of permits for involvement of foreign personnel, issue of employment visas, etc.).
  • Consulting on occupational health and safety issues, representation of employer’s interests in the course of occupational diseases and accidents investigation.
  • Representation of employer’s interests in the course of resolution of the individual labor conflicts, consulting on labor discipline observing issues, resolution of issues concerning employer and employee liability for damages, support in out-of-court labor dispute resolution.
  • Representation of employer’s interests in the course of checks of employer’s compliance with labor laws.
  • Oral and written advices on any current issues with regard to labor law.
Комплексная правовая проверка оформления трудовых отношений

В интересах ООО «Талан» проведены комплексные проверки оформления трудовых документов ряда организаций в рамках подготовки к сделкам по приобретению бизнеса. Выявлены имеющиеся нарушения российского трудового законодательства, проанализированы возможные риски и разработаны рекомендации по их устранению

Защита прав работодателя в трудовых спорах

Успешная защита прав ООО «Западуралднеруд» в индивидуальном трудовом споре с единоличным исполнительным органом (руководителем) организации.

Защита прав работодателя (Благотворительный фонд «Содействие – XXI век) в индивидуальном трудовом споре по иску уволенного работника - единоличного исполнительного органа (руководителя) организации.

Трудовое право

Разработка трудовых договоров с капитанами морских и воздушных судов, принадлежащих частным лицам