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If a debtor fails to meet liabilities to creditors to the full extent, the question regarding protection of debtor and creditors in the situation of bankruptcy (when there are no enough assets to settle all the claims) arises. Prompt and efficient actions are the critical precondition for mitigation of risks associated with bankruptcy. 

We provide comprehensive support and specific services pertaining to insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings.  


  • Full support in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Oral and written advices on bankruptcy.
  • Protection of creditors’ rights, determination of claims, challenging of transactions and claims of other creditors, monitoring of court-appointed manager performance, bringing to responsibility of debtor’s chief executive officer and controllers.
  • Protection of debtor’s rights, financial analysis, defence against challenging of transactions, defence against subsidiary liability.
Defense of Debtor Control Person’s interests

Successfully provided advice to clients in litigation regarding pursuing secondary liability on debtor’s control persons for his debts. 

Defense of Creditors’ Rights

Maximum defense and recovery of infringed rights of a secured lender in a bankruptcy case. All remedies used: administrator’s liability including insurance coverage, restitution on the grounds of void transaction, non-application to the debtor (an individual) of the rule of exemption from debts (for the first time in the Russian court practice). Besides, each debtor’s debt was qualified as improper, which excludes any possibility of getting out of it through subsequent bankruptcies.