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One of the key factors that have impact on the successful business development and the competitive advantages is efficient utilization and legal protection of intellectual property and intellectual rights.  Our comprehensive approach to deep analysis of problems, creative approach to their resolution and high experience in application of the Russian and international laws concerning intellectual property allow us to help you to resolve any of your issues related to intellectual property and intellectual rights. The projects successfully implemented by our firm include, but not limited to, development of structure, contents and legal support of contractual relationship pertaining to disposition of intellectual rights complicated with foreign elements; gained lawsuits related to protection of intellectual rights;  successful proceedings against unfair competition, unfair and inaccurate advertising, projects related to legal audits (due diligence) of intellectual property and intellectual rights with assessment of  legal risks and recommendations on their mitigation; projects related to legal support to ensure  trade secret (know-how) protection.


  • Consulting on the issues related to creation and utilization of intellectual property, disposition of exclusive rights to such intellectual property and protection of intellectual rights.
  • Development of structures of contractual relationship concerning granting of the rights to use in Russia the intellectual property owned by the customers with due consideration for the Russian laws on intellectual property as well as the Russian tax and customs laws.
  • Conducting of legal audits concerning intellectual property and checks of proper registration of the rights to the corresponding property.
  • License agreements and agreements on alienation of exclusive rights to intellectual property including trademarks (service marks), copyrighted items, computer software, trade secrets (know-how), inventions, utility models and design solutions.
  • Custom work contracts, publisher’s license agreements, agreements on development of trademarks.
  • Franchising agreements.
  • Contracts for research and development.
  • Provisions of distributor agreements, services agreements, agency agreements and other agreements connected with utilization of intellectual property.
  • Preparation of contracts or corresponding provisions of works for hire and determination of remuneration to be paid to employees.
  • Disputes connected with trademarks, firm names and logos.
  • Protection of copyright and related rights including Internet rights.
  • Disputes on transactions connected with creation and utilization of intellectual property (agreements on alienation of exclusive rights, license agreements, franchising agreements, custom work contracts, etc.).
  • Proceedings on unfair competition.
  • Claim settlement activities, conducting on behalf of customers the negotiations with parties infringing exclusive rights of customers and mediation services.
Интеллектуальная собственность

Разработка пакета договоров на создание сложного аудиовизуального произведения - телевизионного документального фильма "Последняя из рода Строгановых" и передаче исключительных прав на него Заказчику, в том числе, договора  с героиней фильма - Баронессой Элен Андреевна Людингаузен-Вольф (Строгановой) об участии в видеосъемке-интервью  с целью создания фильма