Our services


Engineering services


  • Marketing research, business plan, feasibility study    
  • We conduct professional marketing research, which will become the basis for a successful launch of an investment project; provide guarantee for finding efficient solutions in developing investment projects of any scale and level of complexity; do feasibility studies to allow for all possible factors, which may have an impact on the execution of projects and their subsequent operation.

  • Budget calculations and making construction estimates    
  • We prepare budgets and estimates for construction investment projects. The company’s experts work out most optimal projects’ financial structures providing for continuous funding and maximal capital saving in project execution.

  • Front end engineering and design    
  • We select and analyze options of the best use of construction sites, solve most complicated problems, whatsoever, during the preliminary design stage. 

  • Equipment supply    
  • We select technologies and equipment to be supplied to manufacturing plants. At first sight, it may seem unnecessary to use third parties for doing this kind of work. People who run the plant usually have a good idea of all aspects of its activity and understand what equipment is required. Nevertheless, practice shows that it is necessary to have experience in this field to prevent situations that might lead then to jams.

  • Construction site preparation and formalizing land relations    
  • UKey-Engineering is a recognized expert in working with construction documentation and provides high quality and highly professional services for performing tasks set by the Client in connection with formalizing land relations.

  • Operation and maintenance of facilities    
  • Minor repairs of buildings and structures, cleaning sewage systems, ventilation systems and other utility systems.

  • Construction control and technical supervision     
      •   organize acceptance of working drawings and estimates;

          interface with construction participants regarding changes in acceptance documents;

          organize acceptance of construction sites (right-of-way);

          provide technical assistance in transferring uncompleted construction projects;

          schedule and follow up the construction schedule;

          interface with construction participants in conducting production meetings;

          provide construction supervision;

          provide geodesic control of construction and assembling operations;

          verify scopes of construction and assembling operations completed;

          prepare a set of acceptance documents;

          provide technical support in commissioning of completed construction projects;

          provide information support in construction;

          make recommendations in the course of construction and assembling operations;

          give advice on the possibility of using alternative materials and structures;

          ensure all adjustments are made to design and estimate documentation as required and all expertise bodies’ requirements are considered;

          obtain authorities’ permits for construction and assembling operations;

          coordinate operations with specialized organizations and municipal services.

      • Expertise    
      • We carry out expertise of construction-in-process, completed facilities and facilities under repairs. Our experts ensure compliance of buildings with design documents and state requirements, suitability of structures for local conditions; they will find the reasons of failures in the operation of engineering systems; and they will find financial violations occurred in the course of construction.

      • Prepare materials for conducting tenders (statement of work, experts’ opinions), prepare materials for raising claims in relation to design and construction and assembling activities    
          •   make a list of activities and facilities with physical volumes specified based on design documents provided by Client: working drawings, instructions for construction, reconstruction, major repairs and dismantling of facilities;

              make comparison tables and technical opinions based on the results of reviewing the technical part of bidders’ tender documents for compliance of bidders’ activities to Client’s terms of reference, namely, availability of work permits (SRO), which are important to ensure security of capital construction sites; availability of welder qualification certificates, welding equipment qualification certificates, welding process qualification certificates; experience and possibility to perform the work, etc.;

              prepare materials for raising claims; make findings reports (technical part of a claim: required tolerances, commentary, instructions and so on) in relation to contractor companies, design institutes; reports are made based on information received from Customer or from another source;

              prepare tender documentation for capital construction, reconstruction, major repairs and dismantling of Customer’s facilities.